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“something wicked” by brandi milne


“something wicked” by brandi milne


The Host 2 First Clip [X]

Let us ALL thank Luke for giffing the little clip of “The Host 2” that was released a few days ago.


BEDEVILLED [Yang Chul-soo 2010]


BEDEVILLED [Yang Chul-soo 2010]

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Most of the time I stay in Tokyo Tower, but they don’t like it when you stay there doing nothing alone for too long, so sometimes I have to go other places. Most of the time I walk around. I don’t want to stay in one place for too long. It’s getting colder and I sometimes get tired of walking around with my bag and everything. I didn’t bring a lot, but it bangs against my back and my fingers get cold because I didn’t bring gloves. 

I had to sit down the other day because I was so tired and hungry. I’ve been buying food, but snacks aren’t food. I always use to get mad when my mum would say that, but now I realize that that’s just because I had never had to live on snacks. I sometimes try to buy things that make good meals, but mostly that’s just sandwiches and noodles. I need to save my money  who knows how I can get more and when it will run out. What will I do to get money when this money runs out? Can people running from Slenderman get jobs? Do they steal? Stealing sounds horrible and like it would be very anxiety producing. Maybe I can go on the train and steal out of people’s back pockets. I’ll only steal from men who look like they do bad things to women or are cheating on their wives, or beating their daughters. 

I sat down on a swing set in a little park. There were trees everywhere, which is sort of weird for the city. The sun was setting and the street lights were starting to turn on. A group of little kid still in their school uniforms were playing mostly boys in blue shorts and girls in pink skirts running after each other and over the large whale shaped thing n the middle of the park, bottom covered in sand and a slide running down and through it’s middle. I could hear them and it made me happy, but I knew I shouldn’t be there. 

After a while I could hear them getting quieter and talking to each other. I wondered if they would have to go home soon because it was getting dark and decided that after a little bit I would go back to the tower and then sleep on roof of a bar I had seen a few days ago. There were cats living up there, which I figured meant it was safe. I was looking up at the street light that was above me, it’s center burning into my eye as I watched all the bugs fly near it. When I looked down finally, having a plan for the night and knowing what I was going to do, I realized I hadn’t notice the kids had come over and were standing in front of me. They watched me for a minute and I didn’t say anything. I thought about all the pictures I had seen on that thread with the old Slenderman pictures and felt sort of sick. I didn’t want to see any kids get hurt or taken. 

      “What are you doing?” a boy in front asked. He was wearing a white hat and had thick black hair that hung over the hat’s wide brim. 

      “I’m sitting,” I said trying to think of something to say. 

      “Why?” he asked. 

    “Because I’m tired,” I said. 

    “Why don’t you go home then?” asked a girl in back loudly. 

The kids laughed and I wasn’t sure what to say. 

“My house got burned down,” I said finally. 

They all gasped and smiled at each other. This was more exciting then they had thought it would be. 

“Why?” asked a girl in pigtails. 

“A monster burned it down,” I said smiling. 

They all gasped again and reared back, stepping closer together slightly. 

“What kind of monster?” asked the girl in back. 

“A bad monster,” I said “a fire monster.” 

“A demon?” asked the girl with pigtails. 

“A demon,” I said “yeah.” 

“Monster aren’t real,” said the girl in back suddenly “you’re lying.” 

“I’m not lying,” I said. 

It made me sad suddenly and I looked down, my throat all heavy and terrible feeling. The kids stepped closer to me and made a sort of circle around the swing I was on. 

“What does it do?” asked the boy after a while. 

“What?” I asked. 

“The monster,” he said softly. 

“It burns houses down,” I said, trying to smile at hime “but don’t worry about it.” 

“Where’s your mom?” a boy behind the boy in the hat asked asked. 

“She’s not here anymore,” I said. 

“The monster took your mom?” the boy in the hat yelled, stepping forward slightly, looking like he was going into a fake attack pose. 

“Yeah,” I said. 

They didn’t gasp, and I looked up again. They were all staring at me, looking sad or like something I wasn’t sure of. Sometimes children get looks on their faces that I think only show something you feel as a child. I think it’s the feeling of thinking you’ll live forever. 

Something changed in the air and I looked over their heads. He was there, standing with all the trees that were on the side of the sidewalk. He wasn’t moving, just watching. The kids saw me looking at something and turned. Some of them jumped and gasped, but most of them just watched it right back, standing in front and beside me.  

“Don’t look at it,” I said “we all have to leave.” 

I got up and made them all follow me away. Everybody kept looking back, to see if it was still there, or following us. The wanted to tell them to stop, but I couldn’t because I kept looking behind me to see if he was following us, or doing that type of running he does. 

“Is that the monster?” asked the boy, walking quickly beside me. 

“Yeah,” I said “keep walking.” 

“The monster that took your mom?” asked the girl. 

“Yeah,” I said. 

“What are you going to do about it?” asked the smaller boy. 

“I don’t know, there’s nothing you can do,” I said, slightly out of breath. 

They all were very quiet, and looked at each other for a minute as we kept walking. 

“What?” I said “what would you do about it?” 

“There’s only onne thing you can do if somebody takes your mom,” said the girl. 

What?” I asked. 

“Kill it,” said the boy.   


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